Art N Beat Foundation Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered under IRC 501 (C)(3). Please designate Art N Beat Foundation Inc. as the recipient of your donation you contribute to your employer”s Community Giving Program.

Art N Beat is a performing arts organization that focuses on engaging community members in creative art forms. By working with Art N Beat, members learn to play vast verities of music, indulge in different forms of dance and incorporate painting in live performances. Our mission is to encourage the community members to expand their knowledge of art in different genres.

Art N Beat is an informal but passionate group. It was born out of strong need to present a performing platform to the young generation as they dabble in their passions, learn the fine art of leadership, the value of hard work and above all foster a respect and love for the fine arts that will sustain them throughout their lives. We have become a part of the social fabric of the New Jersey society and we see ourselves mirrored in all the parents and children who love to drag out the keyboard or the guitar and may be tune their violin and let their voices soar as they transform the drawing room without much planning. Here at Art N Beat, passionate parents and children have come together to join hands to present a forum where the Art N Beat motto of “Passion, Practice, Perfection and Performance” is a way of life.