Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition $50.00
Registration Fees is non-refundable. Seats are limited.
Terms & Conditions:Selected Participant will be given one table, two chairs and back wall (4’X6′) for painting display.
Participant must bring dry-wall (Max Size 4’X6′) to display their painting.Participant may sell their painting independently.Art N Beat will not be responsible for any dispute regarding display, copyright, any financial transaction at the venue.

The Art N Beat Art Exhibition is primarily a platform to promote, teach, learn, and sell for the direct use. The Art N Beat Gallery Committee is interested in showing the work of local artists and designers in the tri-state area.

The following guidelines are set forth to clarify the responsibilities of the Art N Beat Gallery Committee and Exhibitors:

  • Exhibitors will be paying a non-refundable fee of $50 in either cash or check in order to reserve a spot. All checks must be payable to “Art N Beat LLC.”
  • Once a spot is reserved, the exhibitors are permitted to sell at any reasonable price. All profits will be going to the exhibitors.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and removal of their artwork.
  • The digital copy of the exhibitors’ artwork will be reviewed by our Gallery Committee and the exhibitors will be informed of the status of their collection. If the entire collection is not approved, then they may submit other artwork for display in the exhibition.
  • All items/artwork must be delivered to the location listed below ready for display.
  • Please contact the Art N Beat Gallery Committee with your concerns at the number listed below.
  • Art N Beat and/or Edison Township does not provide any insurance coverage for any participants in the exhibition.

Please sign below with your name and date to agree with the guidelines listed above:

Registration Fees will be paid to Art N Beat, LLC.paintingcanvas

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