Competition Rules : Essay Writing

Art N Beat Star – Essay Writing Competition

Art N Beat invites any resident of North America who is interested in Essay Writing to participate in this competition. There is no requirement of being a Art N Beat member to participate in this competition. Participant needs prior registration and has to be physically present at the venue to participate.

Competition Age Categories for all Participants

  • Sub Junior Category – 5 to 12 years
  • Junior Category – 13 to 18 years
  • Adult Category – 19 years and above

The competition will be held on June 9th, Sunday between 9:30 AM to 5 PM at the Bharat Sevashram Sangha, 490 NJ-27, Kendall Park, NJ 08824. Final schedule will be published based on number of participants in each category.

General Rules for the Essay Writing Competition:

The primary purpose of our competition is to give community members the opportunity to engage in a social debate through writing. Your Essay should contain the following:

  • An Introduction, which introduces the subject and contains an explanation of your position. The objective is to demonstrate that you understand the essay contest question and have formed a response to it.
  • A Body, which develops your argument using research and analysis i.e.comparing and contrasting, interpreting results, or drawing inferences.
  • A Conclusion, which summarizes the research and analysis presented in the essay,sets forth your conclusions.

Essays will not be returned. Winning essays (including honorable mentions) will become the property of Art N Beat and will be published in print or electronically in annual magazine. Contestants’ essays will be judged on the basis of the clarity of the writing, the quality of the thinking they reflect, and the extent to which they recognize or incorporate one or more relevant ideas suggested by the supporting articles. You do not have to agree with the ideas in the supporting articles, but the judges are looking for thoughtful essays.

Essay Writing Topic will be given 10 min before the competition starts.

Competition Date:  Sunday, June 9th 2019

Finale Competition Date: Saturday Sept 7th 2019

Rules & regulations:

  • All essays must be done on spot.
  • Essays must be in English
  • The minimum number of words allowed 1000.
  • Maximum time to finish the essay is 60 min
  • The participant will be informed fifteen minutes prior to the end of the competition to wrap up their essay.
  • The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments. Further, no visual or audio aid may be used in the Essay Writing Competition.
  • Plagiarism in any respect may result in disqualificationof Essay Writing contestant.
  • If any of the contest rules are broken, the contestant shall be disqualified from competing by the appropriate authority.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Originality and Communication
  • Clear and concise arguments to support the point of view
  • Premise & Concept
  • Presentation, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.
  • The framework of the story.
  • Effective use of three-act (Introduction, Body & Conclusion)

Prizes in each category namely: Winner & Runner Up. Cash Prizes will be awarded to the Winner ($100) and Runner-up ($75).

  • Prizes, Awards & Recognitions: All the contestants shall receive “Certificate of Participation” from Art N Beat. The Winners and Runner-up announcement will be published in the website ( on 15th June around 7PM.
  • ONLY Winners will be selected to perform at the finale on 7th Sept between 5PM and 11PM. Separate schedule will be sent to the Winners.  Competition Winner and Runner-up for each catagory will receive Cash Prize, Certificate & Trophy during  Art N Beat Music Festival on 7th Sept Saturday.
  • Number of Prizes: The committee may reduce the number of prizes in a particular category/age group if the number of contestants falls short of Ten (10) in that particular category/age group.
  • Special Prizes: The judges may, in exceptional cases, in consultation with the Music Competition Committee, award special prize to a competitor whose performance merits special consideration.
  • Application for competition: The participants shall seek entry to the competition by submitting the application online
  • Participation registration fee per performance category: Early bird – reduced to $40 if registered by March 31st. Registration fee will be $50 between April 1st and April 30th. Registration fee will be $75 from May 1st till permitted. Last day of the registration is May 15th.
  • Walk-in participation will not be allowed.
  • Questions please contact or call 732 757 0655 | 732 236 5956 | 732 796 4805 | 732 710 8765
  • Maximum Number of Entries: Entries will be accepted on first come basis. In event of entries exceeding the capacity, no entries shall be accepted after the deadline of May 15th 2019.
  • Order of Participation: Order/sequence of participation will be at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  • Participant Reporting Time: All participants are required to be present at the venue before commencement of the competition for the relevant age group. Re-Scheduling time-slot is not permitted. Each participant will be given a time window and must report to front desk before the specified time window.
  • Judges: There shall be a panel of judges (at all levels of competition) for the conduct of competition whose judgment will be final. The committee will decide norms of judgment. Each judge will hand over the judgment at the completion of performance by a competitor for tabulation by the Competition Committee.
  • Any solicitation or selling of items are strictly prohibited and may disqualify from contest.
  • Discipline: Every competitor is required to be present in the competition hall when his/her name is announced for the competition. In case the competitor fails to reach ; he/she will stand disqualified from the competition.
  • Review of Rules: Art N Beat reserves the right to amend any rules to make the competition more meaningful and transparent.