Competition Schedule


You may send us the track (if you plan to use one) to save your preparation time in the competition room.
Procedures to send us the track:
  • Track should be in MP3 format.
  • Track should not be more than 4 min and 30 sec.
  • Name of the file should be in the following format: Index-Number.mp3.
    : If your index # is VS1 9999, your track name should be VS1-9999.mp3
What to expect:
  1. Please visit the Registration Desk based on your schedule. You will receive an Index # Tag before entering the competition room. Please make sure you inform the Index # to the judges or Art N Beat Representative.
  2. Participants with special assistance may be given higher priority to go inside the competition room earlier.
  3. Your time starts as soon as you enter the room, so please be prepared with any track or accompaniment device. Each participant will have 5 min max from entry to exit.
  4. If you are using any track, you may do one of two things: bring the track in an empty flash drive or a cable that will connect to a Windows laptop if you choose to play from your phone. There will be an electrical outlet to connect the accompaniment devices. Art N Beat will not provide any connectivity cable.
  5. Preparation to connect your device/phone/flash drive should not take more than 30 sec.
  6. Once the judges inform you to start or ring the bell, please start immediately. No re-take is allowed. If you make any mistakes, please continue with your performance. Once the judges, ring the final bell, you will have 30 sec to complete.
  7. Once you are done, please come back to the registration desk to receive your participation certificate.
  8. Results will be published on 24th June by 8PM at
  9. Qualified participants will be informed about the finale competition in front of Kavita Krishnamurti & Dr. L Subramaniam by Mid July.

Performance Categories –
There are three performing categories for the competition namely:

  1. Vocal – Semi-Classical | Bollywood | Duet
  2. Instrumental : Eastern | Western | Percussion
  • Accompaniment: For every participant to have an equal opportunity, you are highly encouraged to use electronic  Tabla, Taanpura.
  • Time Allowed: 5 Min (Entry to Exit). Negative marks will be given if the competitor fails to complete performance within given time.
  • Only participants are allowed within competition room.
  • Art N Beat will not provide any instrument for participation.