Exhibition Confirmation


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$RegCost= 50;

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‘Address2’ => $Address2,
‘City’ => $City,
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‘EmailID’ => $EmailID,
‘PhoneNo’ => $PhoneNo,
‘CompFees’ => $RegCost
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Art Exhibition $50.00
Registration Fees is non-refundable. Seats are limited.
Terms & Conditions:Selected Participant will be given one table, two chairs and back wall (4’X6′) for painting display.
Participant must bring dry-wall (Max Size 4’X6′) to display their painting.Participant may sell their painting independently.Art N Beat will not be responsible for any dispute regarding display, copyright, any financial transaction at the venue.Registration Fees will be paid to Art N Beat, LLC.paintingcanvas
Personal Info
First Name: [insert_php] echo $FirstName; [/insert_php]
Last Name: [insert_php] echo $LastName; [/insert_php]
Address: [insert_php] echo $Address1; [/insert_php]
[insert_php] echo $Address2; [/insert_php]
City: [insert_php] echo $City; [/insert_php]
State: [insert_php] echo $State; [/insert_php]
Zip Code: [insert_php] echo $ZipCode; [/insert_php]
Email ID: [insert_php] echo $EmailID; [/insert_php]
Phone No: [insert_php] echo $PhoneNo; [/insert_php]
Terms & Condition: Agreed
Registration Fees: $[insert_php] echo $RegCost; [/insert_php].00

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