Vocal Workshop – Advance I



Designed for your customized requirement and enhancing knowledge & skills. Also Swaras And Patterns, Folk Music, Swara Sadhana, Raga, Raga characteristics, Laya and Taal, Rhythm Patterns And Swara Patterns, Composition exercises and more.

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Advance I Workshop [ Group of 5 ]

Designed for moving towards advance knowledge and technique & skills. Pitch/Shruthi, Tanpura/drone, seven notes in Indian music and sing with shruthi, Sa Pa Sa with pitch reference, SRGMPDNS with pitch reference, voice modulation, Achieve endurance, raga, scale and expression.
Daily excercise during workshop & 1 Year of follow-up / feedback through SAPA.

  • Requirement:
    • Min 3 years of learning Exp.
    • Basic knowledge of Swara and Laya.
    • Ability to sing with Tanpura.


  • Control & Modulate voice
  • Project voice
  • Preventing vocal damages
  • Improve range of voice
  • Improve voice throw
  • Increase loudness & quality
  • Build resonance & improve clarity
  • Prevent voice strain
  • Prevent shivering/shaking of voice
  • Improve performance.

Acceptance into specific group is based on evaluation by SAPA (Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts. Online Registration doesn’t confirm final acceptance for the workshop. In case, candidate is not accepted for Workshop, Workshop / Registration fees will be refunded. Workshop Fees include all four days workshop (45 Min / Day) plus group Recital & Certificate. If you are registering for the first time, please send a sample MP3 to contact@artnbeat.com after successful registration.