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if (isset($_POST[‘FirstName’]))
$FirstName = $_POST[‘FirstName’];

if (isset($_POST[‘LastName’]))
$LastName = $_POST[‘LastName’];

if (isset($_POST[‘Address1’]))
$Address1 = $_POST[‘Address1’];

if (isset($_POST[‘Address2’]))
$Address2 = $_POST[‘Address2’];

if (isset($_POST[‘City’]))
$City = $_POST[‘City’];

if (isset($_POST[‘State’]))
$State = $_POST[‘State’];

if (isset($_POST[‘ZipCode’]))
$ZipCode = $_POST[‘ZipCode’];

if (isset($_POST[‘EmailID’]))
$EmailID = $_POST[‘EmailID’];

if (isset($_POST[‘PhoneNo’]))
$PhoneNo = $_POST[‘PhoneNo’];

if (isset($_POST[‘YrsExp’]))
$YrsExp = $_POST[‘YrsExp’];

if (isset($_POST[‘AboutYou’]))
$AboutYou = $_POST[‘AboutYou’];

if (isset($_POST[‘RefName’]))
$RefName = $_POST[‘RefName’];

$MembershipFees = 100;
$DB_HOST = ‘’;
$DB_USER = ‘artnbeat’;
$DB_PASS = ‘Remember1!’;
$DB_NAME = ‘artnbeat’;

global $wpdb;
try {
$newdb = new wpdb($DB_USER, $DB_PASS, $DB_NAME, $DB_HOST);
$newdb->insert (‘ANBMembership’, array(
‘FirstName’ => $FirstName,
‘LastName’ => $LastName,
‘Address1’ => $Address1,
‘Address2’ => $Address2,
‘City’ => $City,
‘State’ => $State,
‘ZipCode’ => $ZipCode,
‘EmailID’ => $EmailID,
‘PhoneNo’ => $PhoneNo,
‘AboutYou’ => $AboutYou,
‘MSRefName’ => $RefName
} catch (Exception $e) { // Database Error
echo $e->getMessage();



First Name: [insert_php] echo $FirstName; [/insert_php]
Last Name: [insert_php] echo $LastName; [/insert_php]
Address: [insert_php] echo $Address1; [/insert_php]
  [insert_php] echo $Address2; [/insert_php]
City: [insert_php] echo $City; [/insert_php]
State: [insert_php] echo $State; [/insert_php]
Zip Code: [insert_php] echo $ZipCode; [/insert_php]
Email ID: [insert_php] echo $EmailID; [/insert_php]
Phone No: [insert_php] echo $PhoneNo; [/insert_php]
Years of Exp: [insert_php] echo $YrsExp; [/insert_php]
About yourself: [insert_php] echo $AboutYou; [/insert_php]
Teacher / Ref: [insert_php] echo $RefName; [/insert_php]
Terms & Condition: Agreed Terms & Conditions
Membership Fees is due beginning of every year for the entire year. Membership Fee is non-refundable and doesn’t guarantee candidate’s selection in any / all performances. Art N Beat reserves the right to revoke any membership without assigning any reason.